about midori

We utilize traditional recipes, top ingredients, and exacting methods to create your delicious, satisfying meal. From our kitchen to your table, we are committed to bringing you an exceptional ramen experience.


Our artisanal spirit compels us to fully devote ourselves to the craft of serving great food. We are committed to high standards and high quality that make every meal an excellent one.


Unchanged for generations, our ramen offerings follow the great culinary traditions that have made it world-famous. This unsurpassable dining experience is an old-fashioned food that continues to be as relevant as ever.


“Itadakimasu” is a phrase you’d often hear from the Japanese before eating. Its meaning roots from a deep sense of gratitude – for the people whom you share your food with and gratitude for each and every little ingredient that makes up the meal. At Midori, we make sure that our ramen will remind you of all the good things in life – and that’s enough reason to be thankful for.

We believe that keeping our ramen’s authenticity is just as important as your overall dining experience.

how it’s made


how it’s made


01 / fresh noodles

Choose from Thin, Thick, Kale and Gluten-Free.


02 / chicken broth

Our chicken broth flaunts a delicate and creamy consistency bursting with umami. Made with only the freshest ingredients you can find, it’ll fill you with satisfaction and warmth that only a great ramen provide. 


03 / fresh ingredients

All of our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure only the best quality and best pairings will be going into our ramen.


04 / pork or chicken chashu

Choose between our chicken or pork chashu, to pair with your ramen. Our chicken chashu made from chicken breasts are unbelievingly tender and lean. Our pork chashu has the perfect fat to lean ratio which melts in your mouth with a hint of smokiness.  


05 / ajitsuke tamago

Our delicious marinated soft boiled eggs with a custard-like yolk is a great addition to any ramen.


06 / finishing touches

We have many pre-selected toppings for our ramen, however, you can always add more of our fresh toppings to your ramen.